Adidas F30 Adizero Blue fG
Adidas F30 Adizero Blue fG
Adidas F30 Adizero Blue fG

Adidas F30 Adizero Blue fG

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Adidas F30 Adizero Blue fG

Excellent used condition - upper has minimal signs of wear.

The Upper:

  • This mid tier model is based off the original F50 and features a nearly identical look
  • The upper is made of a slightly thicker and more padded synthetic material compared to the Adizero line, however the texture is nearly identical to the top model
  • A main difference to the top model is the heel cup is a padded synthetic material, instead of the plastic sole plate shell on the top model

The Sole Plate:

  • An identical stud pattern to the top model was used.
  • Overall, the sole plate was made of a thicker plastic material that isn't as light as the top model

Notes and Comments:

  • In terms of value, the F30 was probably one of the biggest bargains for a mid tier model
  • The upper has a very similar feel to the texture, but is slightly thicker than the top model
  • The sole plate wasn't as light as the F50 model but features a nearly identical stud pattern

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