Adidas Leira TRX FG
Adidas Leira TRX FG
Adidas Leira TRX FG
Adidas Leira TRX FG

Adidas Leira TRX FG

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Adidas Leira TRX FG

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The Upper:

  • Based off the Aviero, the Leira was a mid tier model that used very similar specs, including a full K leather upper 
  • K leather is not often seen on mid tier models, but the Leira had the same quality as the top end Aveiro
  • A slightly different stitching pattern near the toe box was used, creative several grooves on the toe box for added comfort
  • The main differences are stitched on stripes instead of the rubber stirpes, and a fold over tongue that did not have an elastic

The Sole Plate:

  • A one piece TRX plastic sole plate was used, the exact same design as the Predator Pulsion sole plate
  • The main difference to the top model was the sole plate being one piece, and the absence of the hard plastic heel cup

Notes and Comments:

  • As far as the upper, this boot is just as soft if not softer than the top model Aveiro or Predator Pulse
  • The upper is much lighter and softer than the Pulsion model as well


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