Adidas F50+ Spider Sample Red SG
Adidas F50+ Spider Sample Red SG
Adidas F50+ Spider Sample Red SG
Adidas F50+ Spider Sample Red SG

Adidas F50+ Spider Sample Red SG

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Adidas F50+ Spider Sample Red SG

THE COLLECTION - our rarest selection

Condition Notes: Overall excellent condition, not many blemishes or defects.  The left shoe is supposed to have a silver metal button (as shown on the right) but has fallen off.  

Right Boot:

  • A nearly 1 to 1 version of what was commercially produced
  • The only differences were the silver, metal Adidas button at the back that was never used.  Also, the heel features "F50 PLUS" written out instead of the +
  • The iconic F50 plus spider featured the famous plastic webbing design throughout the speed boots
  • The upper was a mesh like synthetic upper that ad a bit of a knitted feel towards the back of the boots
  • The toe box and forefoot of the boots featured a lightweight leather upper
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Left Boot:

  • The Left boot features a completely different upper material from the retail models
  • Its more of a thicker, yarn like material, sort of like a primeknit but much much thicker
  • The upper is much stiffer and not as lightweight as to what was commercially produced
  • The tongue does not feature a velcro strap and runs a bit higher up the boots compared to the retail versions
  • Heel has "F50 PLUS" instead of "F50+"
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They may feature minor marks or blemishes in various spots.  More pictures available upon request.  Discounts are not applicable to The Collection, all sales are final, no returns.  

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