Adidas Predator Pulse 1 DB FG
Adidas Predator Pulse 1 DB FG
Adidas Predator Pulse 1 DB FG
Adidas Predator Pulse 1 DB FG

Adidas Predator Pulse 1 DB FG

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Adidas Predator Pulse 1 DB FG

New with box - the bottom has yellowed due to light exposure over the years, it is very common on the white bottoms of the Pulse and has absolutely no effect on performance or durability

The Upper:

  • Adidas continued the Predator Pulse with a premium K Leather upper
  • A newly crafted tongue was designed with a bit thicker of an elastic to keep a nice, snug fit
  • Adidas used thicker, more elevated stripes compared to the last model, but kept a similar look with the stripes wrapping underneath the boots
  • In terms of the Predator element, Adidas crafted a 6 piece rubber design for increased power and swerve.

The Sole Plate:

  • Adidas introduced the PowerPulse technology with the Pulse
  • The PowerPulse was supposed to help with weight distribution, making the boot more comfortable and increasing power based on the distribution
  • The overall sole plate was similar to the mania, with a 2 piece design and a bladed TRX stud pattern

Notes and Comments:

  • The Predator Pulse had big shoes to fill after the success of the iconic Mania
  • The Pulse is one of the best Predators ever made, and was the debut for signature DB colorways while at Real Madrid
  • There were significantly more colorways of the Pulse made from the previous model, showing how Adidas had taken a creative leap during this time period

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