Adidas Predator X TRX WC FG
Adidas Predator X TRX WC FG
Adidas Predator X TRX WC FG
Adidas Predator X TRX WC FG

Adidas Predator X TRX WC FG

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Adidas Predator X TRX WC FG

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The Upper:

  • Released in 2010, the Predator X followed one of the most famous Predator lines, the Powerswerve.  This was the first Predator model not to feature the iconic Predator Tongue
  • The upper featured a taurus leather upper, instead of a Kangaroo Leather upper like the previous lines.
  • The new rubber Predator element featured a dimpled softer plastic like material that looks like little suction cups to help with curve and power

The Sole Plate:

  • A 1-piece, hard plastic sole plate was used, that was slightly different than the previous 2-piece Powerswerve soleplate
  • The PowerSpine technology ensures for a very durable soleplate
  • The stud configuration wasn't all that much different, featuring a similar bladed pattern to the previous model and very similar to the Adipure

Notes and Comments:

  • While Adidas faced a bit of backlash from this model, these boots were definitely built to last
  • The Predator X isn't the lightest of designs, but it does provide an overall structurally sound boot  that never had any durability issues
  • This is the OG Pred launch colorway in the classic black 

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