Puma V1.08 White Red FG
Puma V1.08 White Red FG
Puma V1.08 White Red FG
Puma V1.08 White Red FG

Puma V1.08 White Red FG

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Puma V1.08 White Red FG

New with box - slight discoloration on the white parts from sunlight exposure, a few yellowing marks

The Upper:

  • Pumas speed boot line featured a blend of two materials throughout the upper
  • The first layer was a lightweight synthetic mesh blend with dozens of squares in a reinforced, lightweight stitching pattern
  • Over this material was a more traditional synthetic material similar to that of the Mercurial and F50 texture
  • This material provided a much better grip on the ball, without sacrificing the lightweight feel of these boots

The Sole Plate:

  • Puma had a unique approach to the sole plate design
  • For the most part, the plate material was similar to Adidas, a lightweight, 2 piece plastic design, with bladed stud design towards the front
  • However, the back featured a cluster of studs for added heel support, most likely to help with keeping the boots locked in as they were very lightweight and thin

Notes and Comments:

  • These V1.08 were Puma's solution to competing with the F50 and Mercurial lines
  • They were one of the lightest boots on the market at the time, and were very well perceived by the public as a premier speed boot
  • Worn by various stars including Anelka, Eto'o, and many others


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