The Nike Premier FG
The Nike Premier FG
The Nike Premier FG
The Nike Premier FG

The Nike Premier FG

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The Nike Premier FG

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The Upper:

  • The very first Nike Premier edition, released with exceptional quality back in 2013
  • The upper was a no nonsense design, using a full buttery soft K leather, one of the softest uppers Nike has created to date
  • A very simple stitching pattern along the toe box and insteaps was used, as well as two Nike check marks

The Sole Plate:

  • Keeping it simple and going back to a timeless design, Nike used a one piece plastic sole plate with circular studs 
  • Nothing cutting edge or fancy, but extremely functionable and reliable

Notes and Comments:

  • The Tiempo Premier was made as a cost effective boot that was superior quality
  • Taken for granted back in the early 2010's, this Premier was made of all the right materials and crafted to perfection
  • The Premier line has continued but lacks a full K leather upper and has cut costs over the past few years.  

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