Umbro X boot II A KTK Gold FG
Umbro X boot II A KTK Gold FG
Umbro X boot II A KTK Gold FG
Umbro X boot II A KTK Gold FG

Umbro X boot II A KTK Gold FG

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Umbro X boot II A KTK Gold FG

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The Upper:

  • A premium K leather upper very similar to the feel of a Predator was used throughout 
  • The stitching pattern created dozens of padded vamp like elements on the outsides and insides of the boots
  • The red "X" pattern on the boots used a synthetic blend material that had a dimpled like pattern, similar to the one used on the MVIX
  • And how can you not notice that tongue?!  A premium leather tongue with an elastic was used, one of the nicest tongues out there

The Sole Plate:

  • The sole plate was a work of beauty from Umbro in the mid 2000s
  • The stud configuration resembled a very similar layout and shape to the AZT90 Intertract sole plate
  • The sole plate was reinforced near the midfoot with the "wishbone" tech by Umbro
  • The heel cup used a carbon fiber insert for extra stability and strength, a spec that was being experimented with on the Mercurial at the time

Notes and Comments:

  • So, if you cared to read all of that, you can see this Umbro boot is like a mash up of some of the best Adidas and Nike boots ever
  • The instead doesn't use a rubber vamp element like the pred, but dozens of grooves are created in the instep for a super textured strike zone
  • The sole plate is very lightweight, probably lighter than the AZT90 plate itself, and the tongue is just insane.  The elastics haven't stretched at all and are as tight as can be
  • As worn in the 2006 World Cup by David James and Michael Owen


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