The Adidas Predator Mania has become a very famous and iconic boot over the past 16 years.  It is often regarded as one of the best Predator models ever created, along with the Predator Accelerator.  The Predator Mania was released in 6 different colorways; classic predator black, lunar, scorg, Japan blue, gunmetal, and champagne. 

Here we have the champagne mania being featured, which might be the most popular of the colorways.  David Beckham was famous for sporting this colorway during the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea.  

Adidas predator mania champagne original 2002

The champagne Mania was released as one of the very first colorways in 2002, and it was released with the World Cup in mind.  Along with the champagne Mania, Adidas released the very rare Japan Blue mania for the Japan national team.  This Japan Blue edition was only available for sale in limited quantities and in select countries.  The Japan Blue Mania was sported by a few players, and is now one of the rarest Predators on the market.  However, the champagne colorway was worn by many more players throughout the 2002 World Cup and was more commonly seen.  

The Champagne colorway is very similar to the lunar colorway that was produced.  However, the champagne features a hint of gold, compared to the lunar that is closer to white.  


One of the many new features on the Predator Mania was the new stitching throughout the boots, primarily in the insteps.  This stitching and extra padding near the instep served as more reinforcement and accuracy for passing the ball.  

In person, you can feel a noticeable difference in elevation where the stitching is on the boots.  



In addition to the improved stitching design, Adidas improved the most famous aspects of a classic Predator, the tongue and the rubber element.  The tongue was new and improved, compared to the preceding Predator Precision.  It was also only made in red in every single Predator Mania colorway.  This new tongue no longer featured the velcro strap from the Precision model, it now featured an elastic band to keep the tongue down.  

For me, there was always a special feeling about lacing up the boots and strapping down the elastic band.  Putting on that strap gave a sense of comfort and quality.  

The band served as a way to keep the laces locked down and from coming untied.  This elastic band became an iconic feature of Predator models, and was featured from 2002-2010 in the Pulse, Absolute, and Powerswerve.  

Aside from the elastic band, the new rubber fins were introduced.  These rubber fins were designed to help curve, bend, and strike the ball.  The ripple effect on the rubber fins was supposed to help with the power and accuracy of shooting.  The rubber elements are the most iconic part of a Predator, and have been featured in every Predator model produced to this day.  In the mania, Adidas definitely succeeded in creating a rubber element that proved to be innovative and effective.  To this day, players still swear the rubber fins on the Predator Mania played a big part in helping their performance of striking the ball.


The "butt" of the Predator Mania also featured a plastic heel cup.  The heel cup was used as reinforcement for the upper and the sole plate.  It was stitched onto the upper to help stay in tact.  It did add quite a bit of weight to the boots, but it was a small trade off for the stability and comfort the heel cup provided.

The Predator Mania sole plate was also very innovative, using the Traxion or TRX sole plate design.  As you can see, it featured a two part sole plate, instead of the traditional one piece sole plate in previous models.  

Many people regard this sole plate to be very comfortable and provided superior stud pressure.  

However, with their new two piece sole plate, there were a few problems that arose.  In 2003, Adidas made some minor adjustments to the sole plate and placement of the studs.  As a result, they released the Adidas Predator Mania 2.  The Mania 2 was almost identical to the original Mania, it used the exact some materials and design, there were just a few minor adjustments to the sole plate. 

With the sole plate, Adidas incorporated the TRX studs, often referred to as blades.  Going against the traditional models of other brands yet again, Adidas used snap in bladed studs instead of screw in circular studs for the Soft Ground (SG) models.  Also, this SG model had 8 studs instead of 6 studs.  Adidas used this SG model instead of the typical 6 screw in studs in almost every model after the Predator Touch.  However, the two piece sole plate was only used in the Mania, Pulse, Absolute, and Powerswerve.


Nearly one year ago today, on May 1st, Adidas re-released the Champagne mania in a remake version.  The color and design were mimicked, but was re-released using modern materials.  

A modern sole plate, modern synthetic materials, and a modern fit.  For me, I loved the look of it and the idea of remaking these iconic boots.  However, in my opinion the materials used were poor.  It used a synthetic upper similar to the Adidas Ace 16.1 model, instead of a quality kangaroo leather.  In addition, the sole plate was from the Ace 16.1 as well, which is no where near the same quality as the original Predator Mania.  

Overall, the gesture was nice and they do look aesthetically pleasing.  However, you won't find me playing in this remake, or even having it in my collection.  In my opinion it does not represent a true predator.  

The Predator Mania is regarded as one of the best cleats ever made due to the superior craftsmanship and innovation with these cleats.

However, they are also one of the most beautifully constructed models due to the craftsmanship and the colorways that were produced.  In my opinion, this champagne colorway is one of the best colorways ever made.  To this date, the champagne colorway is very iconic and is always remembered by people.

If you talk to someone about the boots they wore when they were growing up, it is alsmost certain they had a pair of these classic manias if they were playing during 2002.   And if they did own the manias, I guarentee they will reminisce on the famous champange colorway that it seems everyone had at least one pair of.  

For me, I was only 5 years old when they released.  However, one of the first pairs of boots I ever owned was the Predator manado junior in a size 1.5.  Anyone want to guess the colorway?  

It was the champagne colorway, worn by my older brother, and then myself.  They were the lowest tier model, but still had the classic strap and the champagne glow.  Even my parents, who have no knowledge of boots knew what was best for their boys.  


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