Adidas Predator Pulse, Absolute Prototypes and Samples

By:  Patrick Burd - Owner, Founder of Classic Soccer Cleats

You may have seen some Sample Pred Pulse colorways on our Instagram stories in the past week.  Some stunning colorways that were never produced.  We'll share some thoughts here on these unreleased Preds.  As a disclaimer, all of these boots are sold and off to a good home.

The metallic gold and graphite Pulse.

The finish on them has a much more metallic look to it.  The gold isn't shiny but it just has a different glow to it!  
Also, the tongue on both of these Samples is a short tongue without an elastic.  Both of these colorways were made before the final specs were sorted out on the Pulse.  Could you imagine Zidane rocking these?  Just insane.
The graphite color is similar to the gunmetal Mania, but quite a bit darker.  The area under the stripes also has a plain matte finish.  One of the classiest Pulse colorways never made.  
Moving on to the prototype Beckham Absolute colorway.  They sort of look like they'd be perfect for a Pepsi advertisement, which Beckham did back in 02!  But I'm sure that wasn't the goal here.  

If you remember the blue DB Absolute  (available on site), the specs were the same as this model, just a slightly different colorway was designed.  This is more of a navy blue, but has that super shiny effect to it, just like the blue Absolute did.  To be fair, the electric blue colorway Beckham did wear, was much more vibrant and noticeable.  It seemed like Adidas was making the shift towards brighter boots at that time, so it's not a mystery as to why these weren't released.  
And here we have a Predator Absolute with tons of extra stitching, a spec that was never released and never used on pro specs either (as far as I know).  If you look around the off white parts, all the brown lines are extra stitching, through the upper and the sole plate.  

The stitching did make them feel quite a bit heavier.  On foot, the sole plate was insanely stiff as well. I tried a pair on, and it wasn't very comfortable.  

For that reason alone, I'm sure that's why these specs have never been seen.  There are a couple more prototypes that have this extra stitching design as well, but it doesn't seem like it was ever a popular candidate for the final product.  

That's all on these Samples!  Some crazy designs that have never before been seen.  New stock is listed every week. 

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