The Predator Pulse was the model produced after the iconic Predator Mania.  Produced in 2004-2006, it often doesn't get as much attention as some of the earlier models.  But for me, this Predator model, and this colorway in particular is one of my favorites for various reasons.    


This colorway, often referred to as the "DB Dragon" colorway is one of the best and most creative colorways I have seen to date.  The amount of detail and quality that was put on these boots really sets them apart from most other Predator models and colorways.

Inspired by one of Beckham's tattoos, Adidas decided to incorporate the tattoo into the concept of the boots.  

As you can see, the dragon is most prominently displayed on the sides of the boots.  It is stitched around the three stripes and features the red eyes.  The dragon also continues under the boots in between the two part sole pate, and on the instep of the boots.  


The quality on the Predator Pulse is a big factor regarding why I rank them as one of my favorite models.  The kangaroo leather along with the fins and tongue makes it a classic and iconic Predator .  The tongues on these boots were the best that were ever made in my opinion.  

The Mania's sported a similar style tongue, however the elastics used on the Mania weren't as strong.  Often times today, the Mania elastics are stretched out.  The Predator Pulse elastics almost never have this problem.  In addition, the David Beckham logo on the tongue is always a nice accent.   

Adidas Predator Pulse DB Dragon
Adidas Predator Pulse DB Dragon

Most of the boots I collect, I prefer to find them in the firm ground (FG) sole plate.  FG is more desirable and easier to sell, since often times it is used more frequently than SG models.

However, with this pair and colorway in particular, I prefer to have them in the SG sole plate.  The aluminum studs shines and compliments the overall color of the boots so much nicer than the FG does.  The FG still looks nice, but compared to the SG, it doesn't stand out as much as the aluminum studs do.  So, from an aesthetic standpoint, I think the aluminum studs compliment the boots much nicer than the FG studs do. 



Another way the exceptional quality is incorporated throughout these boots is in the insoles.  For me, Adidas really went above and beyond in keeping the dragon theme throughout every aspect of these boots.  

They even kept it throughout the insoles.   The Adidas logo has the dragon wrapped around it.  In addition, there are dragon scales that go throughout the entirety of the insoles.  

When I look at some of the more recent predator models and concepts, it just doesn't seem like they are up to the same standard as what was produced in 2004.  


The Predator Pulse also featured 6 power or swerve fins.  This was supposed to help with striking the ball, and Adidas introduced new technology with each new Predator release.  Their innovation through the years and their ground breaking technology is a big reason why the Predator is as famous as it is today.


The DB Predator Pulse Dragon, is a simple yet artistic and creative approach that sets this colorway apart from the rest.  The two tone color scheme, featuring a metallic silver, and a light grey is sharp and effective.  With the added accents of the dragon print throughout the shoes, and the aluminum studs, it makes these boots a step above the rest.

It makes it fitting that Adidas spent the time, effort, and resources to make this exclusive colorway for David Beckham.  This was one of the first Beckham exclusive colors ever made, but it could very well be the most unique.  

As a Beckham fan and a Predator Pulse fan for both collecting and wearing, this pair is a must have for my personal collection.  I was very young when they were produced, but I remember my older brother having a pair of these and it brings back fond memories.  I've been lucky enough to acquire 2 pairs of this stunning colorway in my size, so I might have to break out a pair on a Sunday morning in the near future.  


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