Carbon Fiber Adidas Predator Absolute Prototype Sample

By:  Patrick Burd - Owner, Founder of Classic Soccer Cleats

When you hear carbon fiber on boots, you immediately think of the Nike Elite series.  But did you know, Adidas was experimenting with this back in 2005 one the Predator Absolute?

Let's take a look at a never before seen Adidas Predator Absolute Carbon Fiber Prototype.

They have also just been added to the site, click here.

At first look, you can see the Carbon accents I'm referring to.  The upper color is like a midnight navy color, which is actually very dark and looks almost black.

They also featured golden accents on the stripes and the rubber vamps.

But you don't really care about the K leather upper, BORING.  The carbon fiber is what you're here for! 

Instead of the synthetic material near the sock liner and under the boots from the Absolute, a carbon fiber blend was used.  An unheard of concept for Adidas.  The material wasn't like that ultra stiff Mercurial SL, no no, this was much better.  

It's a very thin, woven material that is actually soft to the touch, not "plasticy" like you would think.  I'm not entirely sure what it is blended with, but it is nowhere near as stiff as what Nike did with carbon fiber. 

Now, no one really knows who thought of the idea first, obviously Nike executed it with the carbon strip on the Vapor III.  But the Absolute was created around the same time as the MV3, with both brands testing out carbon fiber on boots.  

Adidas had a much more radical approach to it, with the carbon running the entirety of the sole plate, and even on the upper.  Ultimately, Adidas didn't, and has never, executed on using carbon fiber on their boots.  

Another cool spec on the Predator Absolute prototypes was the extra stitching near the sock liner.  Overall, I have about 20+ other samples on the Absolute with extra stitching in this area.  Adidas never did use it on the retail models, but they experimented with it extensively.  Frankly, I'm still very unsure why they decided to add that synthetic/plastic strip in this area instead of the extra stitching on the leather.

Well, thats that.  Is this the only carbon fiber Predator in the world?  Who knows, Maybe!  

We have just added them to the site, and they go for just a bit over retail price.  Just kidding, they're expensive.  But, how do you put a price on what could be the only one in the world?  

If you want to check them out, click here.

Once they sell, that's it, they're gone forever.  

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  • Oliver Gardner

    Lol funny guy “just over retail price.” As they say you can’t put a price on happiness or sick boots! Also this is just another example of how adidas is so much better than Nike. They didn’t even use or perfect their carbon fiber but still did it better than Nike! I will only ever collect adidas!!

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