Herbert Hainer's Golden Adidas Predator Accelerator Prototypes?

By:  Patrick Burd - Owner, Founder of Classic Soccer Cleats

One of the most requested Adidas Predator Samples from the haul - the original Gold and Silver Adidas Predator Accelerators from 1998.  

As you can see, here are the inverted colors, a gold/silver and a silver/gold colorway.  I also only have the right shoes, and what I can pretty confidently say, are the only survivors. 

These were without a doubt the most mysterious boots I received, and I'll talk more about why.  But the question remains, how did I get these?  I don't think I'll ever get the full answer.  

Now, Adidas made some unreal golden boots in the later 90s and early 2000s.  Adidas made the custom golden Adidas Predator Precision for Zidane (credit Soccerbible for the pic).

So, when I first saw these, I thought there was a chance it could have been a concept design made for Zidane!

But, after receiving them in person, there was writing on the tongue.  It translates to "All the best" "30" "Herbert".

Herbert Hainer was the former CEO of Adidas.  Could these have been Herbert Hainer's golden Accelerators?  Were they given to him as a departing gift after 30 years at the company?  How did I end up with them?? So many questions.

You'll find some answers towards the end.  

Those tongues were just a thing of beauty.  Obviously the red Pred Accelerator tongue is iconic, but look at that golden tongue!

That golden upper, just insane.  And no, I'm not talking shiney like the Zidane Accelerator remakes, I'm talking golder than gold itself.  The finish on the gold is way different than the finish on the silver parts as well.  The silver has a much more matte, leather finish, while the gold just looks like liquid gold.  

Alright, enough of my fangirling.  Let's take it to mystery #2.  Now, I looked at that signature while sorting through about half a million other Adidas Predator Samples.  

I took to Instagram to ask, and the world was like it's obviously Jurgen, duhh.  Thanks everyone.  A name like Jurgen in Germany, narrowed that down. 

Perhaps it was signed by someone named Jurgen that worked on this project at Adidas, as a gift for Hainer.  

Back to the underlying question, were these made for Herbert Hainer as a departing gift of 30 years at Adidas?  And why do I have them?

If you look at Hainer's timeline, he left Adidas in 2016, so why are they giving him a golden Accel from the late 90's?  That just makes no sense.  Could they have been his favorite?  Perhaps, but that is still a huge stretch.

The big answer here is:  NO, these aren't Herbert Hainer's boots.

How do I know that?  

It just makes no sense.  Adidas isn't producing the 1:1 specs over 15 years later.  They also don't show the wear you would expect from a Predator Accelerator only 5 years old.  The leather is a bit coarse and cracked.  The silver pair is stained and discolored, not something that happens overnight or even over the course of only a few years.  

Accels hardly ever wear away and the leather is always pristine on them, even on the beaters.  If these were made for Hainer in 2016, there is absolutely no way the leather of these beasts would deteriorate that fast.  Stored for over 20 years in less than ideal conditions?  Now that sounds more like it.  

They were most likely made for a promo event or an idea Adidas had, perhaps an idea for Zidane,  who famously wore golden boots throughout his career.  Obviously, nothing transpired from it, but it is still such an amazing concept from Adidas. 

As for the writing, still a mystery.  They could have been given to another Herbert as a gift in the late 90's.  At the end of the day, it is all just speculation, but I think we can agree these golden Accelerators are a work of beauty.  

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If the original Herbert wants his golden slippers back and someone can find him, I will gladly return them to him.  One of the most valuable boots I received, but if I can find the rightful owner, that would be worth it in itself.


New blog coming next week, still taking requests for what you want to see!  

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  • Daniel Binsted

    Would be amazing if somehow someone could contact Herbert Hainer and get his input to the story, cracking the mystery of how and why these boots came to be would just be incredible. Top work again Patrick loving the blog
    Dan Binsted

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