The World's Largest Collection of Adidas Predator Samples

By:  Patrick Burd - Owner, Founder of Classic Soccer Cleats

Disclaimer:  This is written to my best knowledge, much of this is speculation and educated guesses.

I'm sure you have seen the overwhelming amount of crazy looking Adidas Predator and F50 Samples / Prototypes posted on the @classicsoccercleats stories.  Naturally, everyone is confused as to what some of these are.  So am I.  

A portion of some of the best stock. 

Now let's get down to it.  You wanna know, where did you possibly find these and how can we get them too? 

Some of the classic 96/98 selection.

The good news is, many pairs will be listed for sale on site over the next couple months.  

Bad news is, Im not going to reveal any relevant info on how or where I got them.  The seller doesn't want any info disclosed, and I will never share suppliers.  I will share some details on what I think is a cool story for any vintage or classic Adidas Predator collector or fan out there.


To my knowledge, here's what happened.  

These Adidas Predator Samples very likely supposed to be destroyed with the other Predator prototypes, and someone who played a part in that process decided he wanted to keep them.

So, he either had, or found someone with a big barn and stored them in there for 10-20 years. For everyone that still wants to message me asking where they were stored, it was in the North Pole right next to Santas work shop.  

As to how they got there?  I know as much as you do.  I tried asking questions, the answers were non existent.  Whatever.  As much as I'd like to know, I don't think this person fully knows as he was not the original owner of them.  

I have no clue the relationship to Adidas the source got them from.  They've been passed hands multiple times it seems and I have no idea of the real story.  

Here's what I do know:

All of these Samples  are only single shoes.  If you check The Collection, a lot of them are sold as "sets" that are mismatched.

There's a chance some of the Samples Adidas made were only made in single molds.  That is not to say Left/Right pairs weren't made, they were.  But it is possible they only made singles for some designs.  

The 2002 Adidas Predator Mania HG had many stages of revisions, and appeared to be a very tricky one to figure out the final product. 

The 2004 Adidas Predator Pulse and 2006 Adidas Predator Absolute have pretty equal rights and lefts and will be sold as sets. 

The Absolute has the biggest selection of unreleased colors. 

There are quite a few F50+ and F50+ spider showing the many stages on innovation.

A small sample of some of the best stuff.

With this deal, there were about 600 different shoes (~ 300 "pairs").  About half of them are not special at all.  Low end classic Predator boots, not even close to having a match.  I had to buy everything, including the bad stuff, in order to get the good stuff, which was basically like lighting money on fire for some of the pairs.

Even with that said, this was a once in a lifetime deal that I had to have.  CSC has been a passion for 6+ years and a full time job the past couple years.  In that time, I have owned under 10 pairs of Samples from pre 2008.  

This deal did not come about overnight.  Since December, I have kept it under wraps with sharing only a few pairs with trusted collectors.  It took months of constant communication and constant spending to make this happen. 

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Next week, a new blog post will highlight some of the best pairs.  Over the course of the next few months, blogs on each generation will be published every Friday, with pics and notes of some of the coolest old classic boots (n)ever made.

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Thanks for reading.  An email will be sent out next week with a new post on some close ups of these beauties.  


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