What The... Predator?

By:  Patrick Burd - Owner, Founder of Classic Soccer Cleats

Here's the part you probably skip through and look at the pretty pictures first, it's okay.  Come back to it when you are done.  

This post is focusing on concept designs really.  Adidas Predator Prototypes that don't look anything remotely close to what was produced.  You look at them and go "what the... Predator?"

If you read the last blog, you probably saw the story about finding all of these old classic boots stored in a barn.  It's been a tremendous amount of work trying to keep up with everyone's demands to properly present these.  Please be patient, I'm doing my best!

As for everyone asking the prices, unfortunately they won't be offered for sale.  Most of the very unique pairs will stay with us.  However, some of the Adidas Predator Samples will be added on the site, and several of the classic Adidas Predators from 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006 have already been added for sale to The Collection.

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 Up First, THAT Chrome Plate.

It appears this was produced around the time of the Predator Mania, most likely before the Mania was released.  Some people asked if they were a Supernova prototype, and thats not far off, but there's one issue.  

Go take a look at the Adidas Supernova.  And look at these.  These are way too cool to be a Supernova. 

The sole plate has a chrome design, similar to some of the Adidas Predator Samples at the archive in the Adidas HQ.  And yes, you can stare into the plate and see yourself, it is unreal.  But it is a split FG back stud design and SG front stud design.  

Now, if you follow a lot of other "Classic" (use that word lightly) boot sellers on IG.  They will be the FIRST to say they have "rare" SG Pro boots never released.  Guess what?  They aren't rare.  

Now THESE, these boots are actually an insane "SG-Pro" that was truly, never released.  None of this "player issue" boots that were found at outlets.  Don't be tricked by the sellers that try to claim last years boots are something special.  
Alright, I digress.  But for real, could this have been an actual attempt at an SG Pro design?  Probably not, but would be cool if it was!

If the chrome plate wasn't enough, the gold stripes are just as shiny.  The only complaint I have is the tongue.  Can't see it?  Exactly.  It measures about an inch an a half long.  Did they just forget about it, or what?  Aside from that, the stitching pattern is beautiful, and everything about these Chrome plate Predator Samples is just super sexy.

Up Next, The Slippers

We go from sexy to, uhhh what is going on here?  Now, I would love to say these are a Predator Sample.  Unfortunately, other than the plate, nothing indicates that.  Could also say this is an F50 Sample, but nothing indicates that.  Perhaps just a concept for a new silo?

A silo doing the unthinkable?  A full slip on boot? 
They weigh 280g, which isn't exactly F50 light for the time, the Adidas F50 TRX in FG weighed 194g.  So what were they doing?

Honestly, I don't really have much else to say about these.  Post in the comments any thoughts you might have.  

The Kangaroos.

Remember when you got your first pair of Preds, and the Eurosport catalogue says "K Leather - Kangaroo Leather".  You're like 12 years old and thinking how the hell did they skin them Kangaroos to make these?  Ring a bell?  No?  Coulda just been me.

Obviously thats not how they do it.  How they actually make K Leather?  I still haven't a clue. 

These guys above, look and feel like a damn kangaroo (I don't actually know what a kangaroo feels like).  Wow, just re read the last few sentences.  I don't know a thing, do I?  Income the trolls with 12 followers who will definitely correct me.  Anyways, It appears this was around an '03/04 concept design for the Pulse or more likely, the Aviero. 

All of the brown material, including the interior and sock liner, is like a velvet or suede material.  It's insanely soft but also super thin and flimsy.  Overall the whole boot is super flimsy.  You can't really see in the pic, but the sock liner just flops over, I had to stuff these with socks for the shape to look like a normal boot.  There's virtually no support from the upper material, especially around the ankle.
A very similar stitching pattern to the Aviero was used, and an identical plate.  The weird thing is the stitching on the bottom.  On  the sole plate there are about 16 different sets of stitching lines.  I assume for reinforcement, but this was tested on the Absolute as well, and they were both incredibly stiff! 

Luckily for me I wear a size 9us, and almost all of these are that size so I get to try them all on.  

This one sums up the title, What the Predator?  

First off, that sole plate is incredible.  Just take another look.  The plate screams Adidas Predator Absolute but on steroids.  Honestly, they look like a rocket ship, but would have been sweet to see this used.  

All of the white material you see is a hard plastic, it's basically the same material as what is used on the sole plate, but on the upper as well.  Not really functional at all and super heavy, weighing just over 300g.  

Overall the upper had a pretty boring stitching patter and uneventful tongue.  But the White/Red/Blue part and the sole plate are such a mystery.  They tried something new, but it really makes these boots look so out of date, even for their time, with the "plastic" upper.  

Predator / F50 Hybrid

The upper is like a mesh material, many people who have asked if it is "Primeknit".  Good job Adidas, people see anything knitted and they refer to it as "Primeknit", seriously, a good job coining that term.

The knitted mesh part has a shiny glimmer effect as well, similar to the  CR7 Gala Superfly's.  

The heel cup is actually very similar to a Mania heel cup just a million times cooler.  It's also way lighter.  

If you look closely at the mid foot where the lines are, it seems like Adidas must have picked up a former Asics designer.  It's almost identical to the design Asics uses.  

The most boring thing, that isn't even boring, in fact it's a thing of beauty, is the Mania FG sole plate was used.  

You're probably thinking, why is this an F50 / Predator Hybrid?

Above the mesh like knitted part, is a lace cover made of K Leather.  The stitching design is very similar to that used on the F50+.  Also, look closely at the laces, they are incredibly thin, like fishing line thin.

Comment below a good name for this one.

I wasn't going to include these but decided I should.  I'm keeping this one brief because I want to hear from you guys in the comments.

I have my own ideas on this, but the lacing system only features two lace holes towards the top.  The tongue is more of a synthetic material, not like the K Leather used on a normal Pred tongue.

And those stripes are just fabulous.  Mania sole plate.  What time period are you guessing on these?  In between Mania and Pulse? In between Precision and Mania?  

That's all I have on these.  I'm sure I forgot a few things and everyone has their own ideas as well.  

Please, I would love to hear your feedback and ideas in the Comments below.
Post a comment, a question, something I missed!  Thank again for reading.  Next week will be a shorter one, featuring golden 1998 Accelerators.  
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  • Byrninho

    Surely those last ones are between Precision and Mania? The shape is definitely Mania-esque and the subsequent Predator releases were nowhere near that streamlined a shape.

  • Sofia Gatorblood

    Wow “THAT chrome plate” is just a beaut! So shiny and sexy, I have to agree with you there. As for the no namer lets call those puppies The Racing Zebra as the remind me of a racecar with zebra stripes. Don’t like that? How about The Zebra Speedsters (sticking with the racecar zebra thing here).

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