Adidas F30.7 Blue FG
Adidas F30.7 Blue FG
Adidas F30.7 Blue FG
Adidas F30.7 Blue FG

Adidas F30.7 Blue FG

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Adidas F30.7 Blue FG

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The Upper:

  • A lightweight but durable synthetic material was used on the upper
  • The tongue featured a velcro flap on one side with laces underneath to help with securing your foot

The Sole Plate:

  • The same TRX sole plate was used from the 2005 Adidas F50+.
  • An identical stud pattern and two piece sole plate design, instead of the screw in F50 chasis system

Notes and Comments:

  • The upper on the F30.7 model appears to be a 1:1 identical upper material compared to the F50.7 Tunit model
  • The only minor difference is the inside of the sock liner on the F30.7 is a bit more padded and thicker, compared to the F50.7 Tunit
  • This F30.7 acutally weighs considerably less than the F50.7 Tunit model, due to a light soleplate design
  • Its widely known Messi was not a fan of the Tunit system, and wore a model similar, not identical, but similar to the F30 model with an almost identical TRX sole plate!

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