Adidas X15.1 Leather Yellow SG
Adidas X15.1 Leather Yellow SG
Adidas X15.1 Leather Yellow SG
Adidas X15.1 Leather Yellow SG

Adidas X15.1 Leather Yellow SG

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Adidas X15.1 Leather Yellow SG

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The Upper:

  • This is the leather upper, which featured a partial K Leather upper near the toe are of the boots, and a newly designed  "X Skin" upper for the back 3/4 of the boots, the same upper as on the synthetic mode
  • This new upper featured dozens of tiny little grooves or dots that provided some texture throughout the upper and helped with the grip
  • The leather did not feature the "Techfit" sock liner technology, like the synthetic variation did

The Sole Plate:

  • A one piece hard plastic material was used, with half a dozen grooves throughout the boot to make the sole plate a bit more flexible
  • A triangular 3-D stud design was used, very similar to the Vapor XI model
  • There were also several smaller studs used to help with traction near the mid foot area
  • This is the SG Variant that also featured 6 aluminum studs mixed with the plastic triangular studs 
  • Overall, the soleplate was lightweight, but still a bit stiff 

Notes and Comments:

  • The X15.1 was the newly renovated F50 model and had some similar features
  • It was interesting to see the K Leather being used on the upper, the previous F50s used a calf skin material that was a bit lighter, but definitely not as high quality as K Leather
  • Overall the upper had a great new technology that helped with the grip, while still staying lightweight

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