Kelme Chameleon TRX FG
Kelme Chameleon TRX FG
Kelme Chameleon TRX FG
Kelme Chameleon TRX FG

Kelme Chameleon TRX FG

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Kelme Chameleon TRX FG

Excellent used condition - used a few times, some slight peeling on the sock liner

The Upper:

  • A full leather upper with a crazy stitching design and colorway was used on the Kelme Chameleon
  • The stitching pattern along the outside creates several lines and grooves, similar to the style Adidas used around the early 2000s, a very Predator-esque approach
  • But if you look at the inside stitching pattern, it is massively similar to the 98 Mercurial pattern
  • As for the color itself, Kleme used a Chameleon approach, changing from shades of brown to green depending on the angle and lighting

The Sole Plate:

  • The sole plate is a one piece plastic design that has stitching around the outer part
  • Marked as the "K Flex" sole plate
  • The stud configuration was larger curved studs, in a layout that was slightly similar to the Air Zoom Total 90

Notes and Comments:

  • It seems like Kleme took a page from several iconic Nike and Adidas boots and put them all together
  • The stitching pattern has a lot going on but looks amazing
  • The color was executed perfectly in a chameleon design, which could be one of the first boots using this effect 
  • Produced in the mid 2000s, Made in Spain

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