Puma V Kat GCI Grey FG
Puma V Kat GCI Grey FG
Puma V Kat GCI Grey FG
Puma V Kat GCI Grey FG

Puma V Kat GCI Grey FG

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Puma V Kat GCI Grey FG

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The Upper:

  • A premium leather upper was used throughout the upper of this mid tier model based off the Konstrukt
  • The strike zone features 6 padded, ribbed elements creating a Pred esque feel
  • A foldover tongue was used over the lace cover
  • For a mid tier model, they are very similar to the top model, the leather has a pretty soft feel towards the strike zone.  It is slightly more padded towards the back of the boots

The Sole Plate:

  • A rather intricate sole plate design, featuring 6 larger triangular studs on the back was used
  • Towards the top featured triangle studs in a more rectangular pattern was used 

Notes and Comments:

  • The V Kat was made for power and precision, similar to how the Preds were from the time
  • The leather is super soft with a very nicely designed stitching pattern


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